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Hi Thomas!!!

Scott and I watched it and are absolutely amazed by it. We knew you were amazing but my goodness I didn't realize we were going to get that. We are speechless! Thank you for your incredible hard work! You're amazing! It is perfect and approved by us both!!!




Kristen and I just watched this and we are speechless! You really brought out the laughs, the tears, and everything in between. We felt like we were watching a movie preview of a "must see" romantic comedy, where the couple is almost too good to be true...the kind of romance that as you're watching, you think of how perfect these two people and their family are. Thats how Kristen and I feel about each other and our children!

After watching this, we are reminded of how blessed we are as a couple and as a family. I really feel that anyone in any time can/will watch this and will feel how much I love my wife and how much she loves me. Thank you for an heirloom that will stand the test of time as our children pass this along to their children and will tell the story of a family that set the bar very high.

It's hard to exceed expectations, but you definitely did. This is beyond professional. Kristen and I will always cherish this and will tell everyone who will listen about you and your work.

Your friends,

Ron, Kristen, Meredith, Grace, and Evan

Hi Tom,

Oh my Gosh!!! The trailer is perfect! It's so beautiful and I'm so happy. I knew you were good, but this is just amazing. Everything was done so lovely and so professional. Thank you so much. We really appreciate it and I will send all my little bridesmaids and friends your way when they get engaged.

Cheers and thanks again!

Nicole and John

Hi Tom,

We love the trailer, is is absolutely amazing!!! Thanks you so much!!! Yes, we would be honored to have our trailer on your website, so by all means please post it. We can't wait to share this trailer with everyone we know!!! Words cannot express our sincere gratitude. We feel so blessed to have had you there. Thank you so very much!!!


Hi Tom,

We want to thank you for all your hard work at our wedding. Throughout the night you were there with the camera to capture every important moment. Moreover, your calm demeanor and kind manner were really comforting on such a hectic day. We cannot wait to see what you do with the footage, and we're glad to know it's in such talented hands.


Brooke and Jon

Hi Tom,

I SWEAR I was just about to send you a text asking if I could buzz by either around 7:30PM tonight or anytime tomorrow, and the FedEx truck pulled up with your package. Thanks so much.

I know we were small potatoes, and at that, became a challenge. I really appreciate all you did for us, and we are so happy to have such a beautiful day captured by Juan and Blink of an Eye so we can always hop right back to that day and be right there again, smiles, tears, and all!

I will definitely keep you in mind if/when I hear of anyone needing your type of work. The kids are in that age/stage where friends are just getting engaged and married, and I know they will do the same.

A million thank you's once again.



We absolutely LOVE the video! The clips you chose, the editing, and the music choices are all perfect! We cannot thank you enough for making our wedding video dream come true...especially on such short notice.

Thanks again for everything.

Chrissie Sutton


You did a fantastic job! I cried!! We love it. You are so talented -- you captured everything -- love the cake falling.

Thank you again.



We just viewed the trailer and we couldn't be happier. Loved it so much!!! You did an amazing job. It brought tears to our eyes. I will continue to recommend your services. We can't thank you enough.

Rob & Kelly

Hi Tom!

Wow, wow, wow, WOW! I am so in love with this! You did such an AMAZING job, and your talent blows me away! It is more perfect than I imagined it would be! Thanks so much, you are the best! Can't wait to watch it a million times. Really, thank you for capturing our day so perfectly.


Hi Tom,

Just wanted to let you know that the DVD's arrived safely and we are thrilled! Thank you so much for doing such an incredible job! My husband had just had surgery and we couldn't wait to watch the DVD together. It made us laugh and made us cry! In fact at one point my husband said he was afraid he was going to pop a stitch from laughing.

When our daughter saw the trailer for the first time, she sent me a note that said, "Thanks for finding the best videographer in the whole world!". Now we can't wait for all of our family members to see the DVD's we mailed yesterday.

You really are "the best in the world"! We feel so thankful that we found you and are very grateful for the beautiful job you did editing such an important day for our family. The DVD you created is just beautiful!

Thanks so much!

Janet Davidson


You are an amazing videographer that has gotten tears to roll early on Sunday Morning!!! We absolutely love your work. This is something that we will cherish forever. I am speechless and "typeless"... I don't know what to say or type. You did a phenomenal job.

William and Faith Harris


We just got the DVD's on Friday and watched them right away. Thank you so much. It is awesome. We are so thankful that we went through you. You did such a great job and the DVD's were a blessing to us. Thanks for all of the hard work. You really do a great job and I will definitely let our friends know about you for any upcoming weddings. The film of our wedding turned out great and it is everything we thought it would be and more. Thanks again Tom.

Greg and Colleen Degen


We are just blown away with what you produced and how you captured the feel of the weekend. This is a wonderful keepsake and helped us relive the moment and some of the funny and tender moments we missed during the whirlwind weekend. On behalf of Jamie and Jordan, we want to thank you. They were mesmerized. You are a true artist.

Shelly and Jerry Fisher


Just want to thank you for being so nice and so professional with your job. It's so easy working with you, we appreciate all your hard work. We had a great time with you. Your not just a Videographer, your a good friend. Again, thank you so much.

Mr. & Mrs. Joel Repulda


We received the videos and your work was amazing. You took some incredible footage and used the perfect music. Plus your editing was impeccable! We really appreciate all your hard work and thank you so much for capturing our wedding day for us. We are happy to be a reference for you should you need one in the future.

Thanks a million and Happy Holidays!
Jen Kilgore


After watching the wedding video I was speechless! You did an AMAZING JOB!!!!! I cannot thank you enough for capturing one of the best days of my life! It was so much fun to go back and watch the day because it went by so quickly that I didn't remember some of the details. I know my Dad emailed you saying what a wonderful job you did but I thought I would share some other comments...from my brother, “WOW...AWESOME”, and my sister said having you video the day was the best money spent! I love that years from now we will be able to watch the video and relive that day over and over! I am so excited to hear what Derek's family thinks...I am sure they will love it as much as my family has.

Again, thank you so much for doing such a great job! I will pass your name along to anyone who brings up the topic of needing someone for their wedding! Also, I don't know if you update your website with some of your new work but please feel free to use anything from our wedding!

Thanks again for everything!!!
Katie and Derek


I just wanted to drop a line and tell you how much Sue and I enjoyed the video you did for Katie and Derek. It was great to be able to look at all we so much enjoyed and also see all you captured that we missed.

The day was wonderful and you have enabled us to keep those memories so clear and always be with us. I am sure years from now we will all look back and enjoy these precious moments you provided and probably share a few laughs and tears.

I especially want to thank you for being so much a part of the day. Knowing who is doing a project like this and watching how you helped out in areas when you saw others a little slow in responding. Katie is so fortunate to have you as a friend. Thanks Tom we really do appreciate your efforts and the end product..what can I say, it was fabulous!!!!!

Best regards,
Dave Laughlin

Dear Tom,

Dan and I wanted to thank you for providing us with the best memory possible of the most amazing day of our life. The videos you make are not like any other wedding video - they are like a Hollywood movie. We didn't understand how important the videographer was before we started the wedding planning process. Now we know the most important decision is the videographer.

Picking you was the best decision we made regarding the ENTIRE wedding. The video is truly the only memory the bride and groom has and it is a much better representation of the wedding then even the photographs. We could not be happier that we chose you!

As you may remember, we originally contracted with a different videographer after looking at ten different videographers. A week after putting our deposit down on a different videographer we went to an anniversary party for Clare and Brian Scane. They were showing off their wedding video and we all were amazed. Since you did the most incredible job on their wedding video we knew we had to use you for ours. We were shocked at the quality of your work. We had seen more than 10 samples but not one of them compared to the work that you do. We called you that night, and cancelled our contract as soon as we knew you were available. We lost our deposit with the other videographer, but could not have been happier.

Although our photographers tried to scare us that you might be intrusive, they could not have been more wrong. We didn't even notice you were there, but you caught EVERYTHING! It was terrific.

Dan and I thought that the photographer was our best pick we were so wrong! Your video is not the typical wedding video where you feel obligated to watch! The videos you make are like Hollywood movies. Of course you make sure to get all the necessary elements, but you add so much with the editing. One minute you are crying the next you are laughing hysterically! Everyone that has seen the video is amazed at how creative and unique your work is!

Additionally, as a professional you were incredible to work with! Unlike our photographers who decided not to follow the terms of our contract, you were incredible the entire way through.

Thank you for everything!
~ Dan and Barbi Delano


Stephen and I want to thank you for blessing us with the gift of memory. You captured the special and unique moments of our treasured day that we wouldn't be able to remember if it were not for the pictures and the video. You made our wedding day video into more than just a clip of our favorite moments, you incorporated the feelings we felt by including interviews of "Our Story". The outcome of your work is amazing and personalized, but what I'll always remember was your sweet and gentle personality that was ever-present on that day. A wedding can be filled with hectic happenings but your ease throughout the day brought a calm and peace to our experience. Thank you for blessing us with your talents and we do hope you'll be able to record more of our future stories.

All the best,
~ Stephen and Rachael LaMagna




Tom - THANK YOU so much!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE the video!! it's so great. I can not believe how much ...mmmm.... fun I was having?! Oh wow -- the video is hilarious. Too much tequila for me at the end, and boy did you capture it ALL! We show the video every night and everybody is always DYING because it's just too funny. Not to mention, everyone can not believe it is a wedding video -- it looks more like a high def New Line Cinema premiere! Thank you so much for capturing every little moment. It was so much fun to see it in person, there is so much of it that we missed. Thank you for coming all the way to Mexico for our wedding -- and for getting it ALL on camera! We'll never forget it -- especially now that every part of it is on tape!!

Thank you SO much!!

~ E. Dorros

Dear Tom:

My husband, Buzz, and I were so thrilled with your work. The day of the wedding you were non-intrusive. It was so nice how you stood in the background and didn’t make us pose or redo moments. You stayed with us the entire night and captured such amazing footage. You did such a nice job with the photo montage at the wedding. That is such a nice keepsake to have for years to come. I love how you added us watching ourselves in the video portion.

As far as the finished product goes…WOW! You didn’t miss a detail. There were so many things that my photographer wasn’t able to capture but you got it all. I am so glad I have this record of our wedding day to show friends and family. The music you selected for the video was so fitting. My favorite scenes are the dance floor montages. Everyone laughed so hard at those. It was so nice to see all of the different people having a good time.

The video message camera was hysterical. True, you had good material to work with but the way you added those funny moments here and there was really great. All of my friends were so jealous that they didn’t have one set up at their weddings. The DVD packaging was really personal and lovely. Because ours was a Christmas wedding you used one of my mom’s ornaments from her tree as the disc background. That was so clever. I know I’m gushing but we were so happy with everything. My husband’s brother got married a few months before us and he went with a video company that was twice the price. I like ours much better.

Finally, I loved the recap. Although I could watch the entire video over and over the recap is so perfect to show to friends. It’s like a mini-wedding. My wedding video has become my nephew’s favorite movie to watch. I really feel that you used our personalities and taste to make us a video that is unique to us. I am so grateful.

Thank you,

~ Kelly Refvik (Kane)

Dear Mr. Hartmann,

We can’t thank you enough for making our daughter’s wedding DVD so wonderful. After several viewings, we have yet to get through it without tears. You captured the essence of the entire day for us forever: from the joy and expectation in the preparation at the house to the solemnity and emotion at the ceremony, to the champagne bubbles and dancing at the reception. We had no concept of the difference between a digital recording versus traditional video until we saw the final product. The clarity of the images, the music, the spontaneity, and most importantly, the opportunity to share moments that we would have missed otherwise, is a priceless gift. You are more of a filmmaker than a videographer, and we suspect that one day your work will be featured at Cannes.

~ Dr. Diane Wallis
Mother of the Bride

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